Video Output corded Intraoral Camera L-30

Sale price$500.00 USD


Corded intraoal camera detail descriptions:

This wired intraoral camera that enables users to examine their teeth, ears,hair and other body parts on their own, You also could use it to look into cotton fibre,inset,leaf,rock and mini-size eletron element so on. Operation is easy. Just plug the camera cable into any TV video input and aim the lens at the part you want to see. Roughly 26mm wide and 199mm long, this wired intraoral camera uses Li-batteries. It has three types signal format, namely PAL/ NTSC.Its extremely light hand piece, its auto-shutter, it's performances in terms of sensitivity and resolution as well as its accuracy in the respect of colors make of it the ideal medical tool.

  • 130,000 pixel, high sensitivity, high definition
  • The color lifelike and bright
  • All adjustments are automatic
  • 6 high brightness white LED lamp illumination to provide maximum realistic color reproduction.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-battery.
  • The handpiece is ultra thin and ultra small, can shoot interior tooth conveniently
  • Smart and portability, may carry along with
  • The video output, can easily be connected to the television
  • The one-off protective film for oral cavity guarantees patient's health
  • The camera has shockproof function
  • Low price, quality guaranteed, consummate services after sale, maintain convenient and swift

The corded intraoral camera technical specifications:

  • Image sensor:1/4" CMOS
  • Image resolution: 1.3 mega pixels
  • Output jack: Video
  • Lamp:6 pcs white LED(5600K)
  • Accumulation point:3~50mm
  • Photographing visual angle:105
  • Signal format:NTS/PAL(option)
  • Power supply: 800 mA Lithium battery
  • Cable length: 2 m

Corded intraoral camera features:

  1. Economic Easy CAM with true color images
  2. Promote accuracy of treatment
  3. Auto focusing and easy operation
  4. Zoom and Freeze the Image
  5. No need any extra software
  6. Editing on TV through AV connector available

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