Venumax Legacy

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The electrodes transmit RF energy to each other at a depth equal to half the distance between the electrodes. RF heats tissue and stimulates a collagen producing response in the skin.

VariPulse mechanisms help attack subcutaneous fat deposits and cellulite.

Additionally, VariPulse:

  1. Enhances the lipolysis effects of RF energy
  2. Improves lymphatic drainage
  3. Increase blood circulation
  4. Provides a comfortable treatment due to the smooth movement and air cooling mechanism of the skin.
  5. Allows for a deeper effect
  6. Avoid gel build-up on the applicator

New features include

  • Plush suction to improve energy delivery and lymphatic drainage
  • 4 sides applied electrodes
  • 8 vertical application electrodes
  • Plused magnetic fillets to accelerate tissue regeneration
  • Real-time thermal feedback for better technical control

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