Portable VelaMax Slimming HIFU / RF 40khz Machine

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V5 pro has combined with HIFU/RF 40khz cavitation BIO microcurrent,vacuum,infrared multifunctional machine.It can improve skin saggy,increase skin elasticity,improve cellultie situation,strength skin tightening,reducing pregnancy stria,body slimming&shaping.V5 pro has three handles,handle(A),handle(B),V10 head.When operating handle(A) and handle(B),the operating site will feel hot or tingling,which is usually an acceptable range.When operating V10 head,the operating site will show the feeling of suction to tighten skin, as well as heat and tinnitus sound is a normal phenomenon.no recovery period,no bounce back

Working Principle

Focused ultrasound Deep into the subcutaneous fat layer by turning the energy source into individual hot condensation points to destroy the unexpected fat cells, reduce unexpected fat cells, stimulate elastic fiber, unexpected fat cells decomposed into triglyceride, excreted through the body’s metabolism to get the effect of body shaping. RF handle With the technology of RF, skip the epidermis directly to the subcutaneous tissue, resonating water molecules in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, accelerate heat generation by tissue friction, elevated temperature promotes catabolism of subcutaneous fat, stimulating the proliferation and recombination of collagen and elastic fiber to achieve the effect of skin tightening, shaping and lifting.


Technology: RF + Focused ultrasound + Vacuum + BIO + Cavitation + infrared LED. 2.V10 handle with 5 technology: cavitation + BIO + RF + vacuum + infrared LED. 3.Handle A and handle B suitable for different size treatment area. 4.The machine with vents for heat emission. 5.Non-invasive body slimming, body reshape and skin tightening.


  1. Smart system: Lock subcutaneous fat with the smart scanning system, without any injury to the epidermis.
  2. Non-invasive and safe:Generate heat to reduce fat without surgery, so it is very safe.
  3. Significant effect without recrudescence: precisely take effect on subcutaneous fat, and directly reduce fat without recrudescence.
  4. Effect is very obvious,instant slimming effect after one treatment.:it can loss 1-3 cm after one treament.
  5. Main functions 1.Body slimming.
  6. Body shaping.
  7. Skin tightening. 4.Remove wrinkle.
  8. Warm vacuum body massage.
  9. Improve skin elasticity.

  • Product Name
  • V5 Pro RF body slimming beauty machine
  • Product Model
  • 213
  • Power
  • 160W
  • Supply frequency
  • 50-60HZ
  • Voltage
  • 220V
  • Operating voltage
  • 36V
  • RF
  • 4MHZ
  • Focused ultrasound
  • 4MHZ
  • Operation handle
  • 3pcs
  • Package size
  • 52*46*28cm
  • Gross weight
  • 22kg

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