Ultrasonic Beauty Machine

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Light Classification

  1. The sunlight includes a lot of lights of different wavelength, there are infrared light,visible light,(imply red, orange, yellow,green,black,orchid, purple),ultraviolet light etc.
  2. LCD figures seven colorful photon beautiful skin instruments chose to use seven kinds of colors in the natural rainbow light wave,is a skin reborn of medical treatment application technique.
  3. Seven kinds of color lights is different to skin reborn function because of different wave-length

(1) Red light(R) -activate(wave-length 640nm)
(2)Blue light(B)- slow(wave-length 480nm)
(3)Green light(G)-parallelism(wave-length 518nm)
(4)Purple ligh(R+B)t-drain(wave-length 640nm)
(5)The light (R+G)of huang protection (wave-length 590nm)
(6)The month is only green(G+B)-right (wave-length 640nm)
(7)White light(R+G+B)-ducting(wave-length 510nm)


  1. Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy photon release about 400nm-2000nm wave-length(can immediately visible light and little part of infrared light mix and become)
  2. Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy photon has an advantage more than the sunlight, because it does not contain ultraviolent light, will not tan and burn a skin , will not lead with the result that skim cancer , and do not bring injury to eyes
  3. Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy light also has advantage more than the laser ,because its wave-length ratio laser long,pierce through the dint ratio laser geniality , but pulse seven colorful kinetic energy are unlike laser geniality, but pulse seven colorful kinetic energy are inlike laser concentration only at 1:00, It can with geniality of the energies overlay more wide treatment scope
  4. Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy light contain small quantity infrared light, will raise skin temperature slightly surname1-3 degrees, very safe.
Voltage 110v / 220v 50-60Hz
Power 10 W
Frequency 50~60Hz
Package size 20*17*6cm

1, Frequency:1MHZ(million times/second)
2, Each massage works up to 15 minutes and then device is turned off autonatically.
3, Three level energy output(weak,medium and strong), energy output.
4, Two output options available: continus waves and pulse waves.

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