Slimming Vacuum Ultrasonic Machine 7 in 1

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  • Body Shaping, fat dissolving, cellulite repelling
  • Tighten and strengthen skin elasticity, skin rejuvenationand lifting
  • Removefinewrinkleand smooth shrink pore
  • Lymphatic drainage,promoting metabolismand blood circulation


  • Ultrasonic 40KHZis recognized asmost power cavitation system
  • Combination of red light and RF can accelerate tissue coagulation toavoid muscle slackingafter slimming
  • Non-invasive, non-surgical and without anesthesia
  • No risk ofreboundand no side effect
  • Treat allkinds ofskin

Parameter Description

  • Voltajge 1110V / 220V 60HZ / 50HZ
  • 40K Head 40KHZ
  • Bipolar Vacuum RF 1MHZ
  • Quadrupole 3MHZ
  • Sextupole and Body Head 5MHZ
  • Red Light of RF 650-730nm

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