Portable Photon Ultrasonic Device f-300

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Ultrasonic wave is a kind of sound wave with high frequency above 20,000Hz, which is mainly used for lead-in of nutrient. The skincare product adopts ultrasonic wave lead-in for the purpose to improve the absorption of nutrients by more than 5 folds. Due to strong power and high energy, the action of ultrasonic wave upon the face can stimulate vibration of skin cells, produce meticulous massage effect, and change the cell volume so as to improve the circulation of blood and lymph, enhance the cellular permeability and raise the tissue metabolism and regeneration capacity.


1. Advanced skin-caring—3,000,000 times high-frequency vibration per second to import maintenance efficacy to deeper skin layer.
2. The short-cut of beauty method to achieve more beautiful and lustrous skin.
3. The absorbing capacity of the skin with the essence will increase above 6 times and import your favorable skin care with 4 times increased to let your skin obtain deeper care just as in the beauty salon.
4.. This is the marvelous efficacy of ultrasonic.


1.More safe---auto power-off after using 10 minutes
2.Pure stainless steel probe to make perfectly affinitive with the skin , it will not lead to allergy with remarkable effect.
3.Home use with simple regression of one key operation
4.Better audio-visual of five color direction with skin delicate effect.
5.Clear strength---- Five color change automatically when the output frequency change .

Working Principle

The working principle of ultrasonic wave is to atomize the nutrient and moisture of essence to the ultra-micro and superfine substance by ultrasonic rapid vibration up to 3 million times per second and make use of ultrasonic wave to lead-in the nutrition modules to 1mm of subcutaneous tissue and replenish the skin with sufficient moisture and nutrient.


  • For facial and body care
  • Technical parameters and packing
  • Product size: 15.5×3.5×4.5cm
  • Product weight: 151g
  • Materials: ABS
  • Packing way: Gift box, sponge tray, device filter glasses, adapter

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