Portable Photon Ultrasonic Device

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Plasma Skin rejuvenation Instrument

Ionized plasma act on the skin to nurse sensitive skin.

Plasma has the sterilization function It can kill the pathogenic bacteria of allergic dermatitis, kill the acne bacillus and relieve itching symptoms. It can also promote skin regeneration and effectively get rid ofwrinkles,to help wounds heal and to improve pigmentation Notice 1: Patients with the following symptoms or those who meet the following criteria need to consult professional doctors before using them.

  1. Skin eruption or skin pain occurs;
  2. When the acne area is suppurative and inflamed;
  3. A skin sensitive person;
  4. Pregnant women, physiological women, outpatients, or poor health
  5. Taking hormone drugs Person;
  6. Poor health conditions.

Notice 2: 1 Please don' t use this apparatus for other purposes apart from the skin beauty; 2 Do not put the plug of multiple electronic products on the same socket

Notice 3: Those who use the following medical devices can not use this equipment.

  1. Those who use the cardiac pacemakers and other implanted electronic medical devices;
  2. Those who use artificial heart lung machines or other electronic medical devices to maintain life;
  3. Those who use ECG equipment and other installed electronic medical devices.

* Person with sensitive skin may suffer slight contact skin problems after using the Plasma. In case it occurs, please stop use and rest for 2~3 days.

weight: 110g

lithium battery: 1350mAh

recharge time: 4h

battery can be used for 20days

gife box size: 59*42*146mm

material: ABS

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