Portable Diamone peelinP

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1. Diamond Dermabrasion Machine X 1
2. Diamond tips X 3
3. Vacuum treatment heads X 3
4. Filtration heads X 2
5. Hand Piece X 1
6. Power Line X 1
7. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1


Diamond Dermabrasion makes use of a patented diamond dermabrasion tube,combined with inlaid diamond particles of different thickness of the diamondcarved heads, and rub back and forth by the way, and with instruments tocontrol the intensity of suction vacuum suction, the skin worn a shallow layeris a non-invasive, shallow dermabrasion physical nature. This kind of purelyphysical, mechanical principles, compared to acid peels and chemicals removedfrom the way horny, do not irritate the skin with a mild advantage. It issuitable for very sensitive skin. By the suction size and thickness of theminiature diamond dermabrasion to control shades. Its less of irritating andafter the operation would not have bothered to take care of the wound. It isnot easy to have a pigmentation or redness of skin problems, and do not have acrystal particles when operating scattered residual problem, the whole processis very clean and safe.

Diamond Dermabrasion can be used to improve the skin's pigmentation disorder, shallowpock youth, age spots, rough skin after sun exposure and aging facial lines.Itcan also promote skin renewal, skin showing smooth to the touch immediatelyafter surgery.
After diamond dermabrasion treatment, you can do the ultrasonic import or usewhitening preparations, with ice compress, then the result will be better. Yourbeautiful wishes will come true! In addition to diamond dermabrasion, thisinstrument also equipped with a dedicated black suction head, super suction canbe effectively sucked out pimples, blackheads and excess skin oils keep theskin clean and fresh.


  • Voltage: 110~220v, 50~60Hz
  • time setting: from 1~15mins
  • intensity adjustment: 1~3 level intensity
  • Gross weight: 1kg
  • Package size: 24*18*9cm

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