Picosend Pen

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Operation method:

General usage and precautions:

  1. Plug in the power and the machine is energized, and the digital tube displays
  2. Press the frequency mode select button to select the frequency, then set the output energy size
  3. After setting, press the emission switch to output energy
  4. During operation, wear protective glasses
  5. Keep the machine clean and avoid contact with other contaminants
  6. No unauthorized operation of the hand
  7. After use, please keep it properly after cleaning

Red light picosecond:

After the normal display of the digital tube, press the frequency button, the current selection has three frequency modes, 1.2.3 light mode, through the energy increase button to adjust the size, press the switch after the setting, the machine will run out of light and operate out after that, the machine can be turned off.

Blue light picosecond:

After the power of the digital tube, the frequency button will be pressed, and the blue ray will have nine frequency modes 1 to 9 out of the light mode, press the energy increment button to adjust the energy size, finish the setting and output and operate the closing machine, the blue light emits every time

Package Include

1 x Picosecond Laser Pen
1 x Protective Eyeglass
1 x Power Adapter
2 x Repairment Patches
1 x English User Manual

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