Portable PicoMax Laser Pigment Therapy

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PicoMax Laser is a kind of laser pigment therapy device. It works by “light lasting”.

Laser emits high-energy instantly, the pigments particles absorb the laser energy, then rapidly expanding burst, part of the pigments burst exploded into tiny nibs excreted out of the body, another part of pigments was swallowed by human body macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system, so that reached pigment faded and even the complete elimination purposes.

Product structure and properties:

  • Touch screen
  • Emergency stop switch

  • Key switch

  • Handle

As the picture shows PicoMax Laser mainly composited by engine, the control module and the treatment handle. And the control module includes emergency stop switch, key switch, control screen, foot switch; Control screen is the 4.3-inch touch screen, the treatment head is the laser treatment head.

Device structures

Main frame

For a device, the main frame is the carrier of the other product components.MFT-N1‘s main frame generally consists of the following components:

  • Power Module: the entire device system power supply, the main power source of the device working.
  • Control Module: as the control center of the device, by accepting input information, working and output, to control device, then achieving each function of the desired design, meeting user requirements.
  • Display Module: as human-computer interaction interface, display a variety of information from systems and accept the user's instructions.

PicoMax Laser operating mainly through the control module to complete, it includes the following sections:

  • Key switch: start the device so that the device connected to the power supply.
  • Emergency stop switch: when an emergency fault occurs or operator error, press the power switch to enable the device to stop working, to protect device and people.
  • Control screen: as man-machine interface, it can display setting of operation and adjust system parameters.
  • Foot switch: depresses the foot switch, the device begins to work; lift the foot switch, the device stops working.

Treatment handle

Treatment handle is the main part of operating implementation, including bellows, treatment head. Bellows with internal power supply lines, data line; Treatment head with internal control switch, treatment head shown in FIG.

PicoMax Laser have two kinds of laser wavelength :1064nm and 532nm; 1064nm wavelength which is mainly used on the skin to get rid of blue, black pigmentation, 532nm wavelength mainly used to get rid of the skin red, brown pigmentation.

The laser head of the 4 1064nm wavelength laser treatment handle is circular, the laser head of the 532nm wavelength laser treatment handle is square.

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