Oxygen Max Pure Concentrator

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Product Feature

Function of Oxygen

Oxygen inhalation can elevate the body's oxygen supply and health. Oxygen inhalation is good for elderly, for people in poor physique, for pregnant women, for people with different degrees of physiological hypoxia. After heavy physical or brain work, oxygen inhalation can also relieve fatigue and restore physical energy.

Applicable scope

The oxygen concentrator can generate oxygen for health care treatment.

Structural feature

  • The oxygen concentrator is mainly composed of the main frame, flow mater, humidifier, etc.
  • Equipped with full plastic casing, safe and reliable
  • Equipped with remote control, which can operate the oxygen concentrator remotely
  • Equipped with cumulative time function to show the total working time by display
  • Equipped with single time function for real-time control of single oxygen inhalation time
  • Equipped with the timed shutdown function for easy and convenient operation
  • Equipped with the function of releasing anion
  • The heat protector in the compressor ensures the safety of the compressor and the oxygen concentrator
  • Equipped with flow adjustment function to adjust flow between 1L and 5L

Oxygen generation principle

The oxygen concentrator is powered by power source of 220V +/- 22V/110V +/- 11V, takes the air as the raw material and adopts the high-quality molecular sieve to make high-purity oxygen at normal temperature by pressure swing adsorption separation (PSA)

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