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Laser emitted by the system has a strong penetration ability which allows it to reach the deep layer of dermis. The pigment particles absorb the light energy and explode sharply, burst into the tiny pieces, thusdiminish the color density and get rid of it.

Laser type Q-switch ND YAG Laser
Laser output wave length 1064nm/532nm/carbon tip
Laser Pulse energy 0~2000mj
Laser Pulse width ~10ns
Laser Power 2000w
Laser Recurrence rate 1-10Hz
Aming Light Red infrared light
Laser Lamp life time More than 1,000,000 shots
Spots Diameter 1-8mm(continously adjustable)
Laser Robs yellow crystal rods
Screen Button-touch or button
Color White
Case Material Metal
Laser Cooling condition Wind + water
Laser Power source 220V/5A or 110V/10A
Size 52×52×46(package)
Net weight 17KG q switch nd yag laser


  1. Remove tattoo of all colors including black, red, blue, coffee, brown, etc;
  2. Remove tattoo on eyebrow, eye line and lip line;
  3. Remove pigmented such as freckle, age spot, Nevus of Ota, blue naevus, black nevus, coffee spot, rosacea.
  4. Back doll can make skin whitening,skin rejuvenation, shrink pore, face deep cleaning, etc


  • ND Yag Laser Equipment with high energy, perfect for tattoo and pigmentation removal
  • The laser has high frequency up 10HZ - Fast shooting, save treatment time and with good effect
  • Laser Handle with Yellow crystal rods which offer strong and high energy
  • Infrared light: red infrared light can help to target small treatment area more accurately, which can achieve better effects it is really cost- effective.
  • Metal case with stoving/baking varnish, good anti-press and scratch-resistant
  • CE Certificated laser tattoo removal machine
  • Excellent wind + water cooling system can extend working time and make treatment more comfortable.
  • Laser Lamp Valid
  • Lifetime
  • High up to 5,000,000 shots

Product function:

  1. 1064 nm: treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, treatment of the color black, dark brown, yan,bluish violet , remove tattoo .but also can remove birthmark , warts,nevus of Ota,nevus ect.
  2. 532nm: treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, treatment of the color red, light brown, red is relatively slow. remove tattoo . but also can remove birthmark, warts,nevus of Ota, nevus ect.
  3. BDLS: shrink pores, balance grease secretion, tightening remove fine lines, the treatment
    of black head, acne, rough skin, light epidermis blain to print.also has 1032nm.

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