Mini IPL Max Home Use

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Beam Transmission Biquartz optical fiber transmission
Laser Type Pulse , CW
Wavelength 980nm
Power 1- 30W
Pulse width 1-200ms
Cooling system Strong air cooling
Pulse frequency 1-5Hz
Pulse width 0-1s (stepping 0.05s)
Pulse duration 0-1s (stepping 0.05s)
Pilot Beam Red Diode Laser of 635nm, Power<5mW
LCD screen 8.0 inch
Power requirement AC110V 60hz 5A
Dimensions 40*32*32cm
Gross weight 18kg


  1. 980nm laser is the optimum absorption spectrum of Porphyrin vascular cells. Vascular cells absorb the high-energy laser of 980nm wavelength, solidification occurs, and finally dissipated.
  2. To overcome the traditional laser treatment redness large area of burning the skin, professional design hand-piece, enabling the 980nm laser beam is focused onto a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, in order to enable more focused energy to reach the target tissue, while avoiding burn the surrounding skin tissue.
  3. The laser can stimulate the dermal collagen growth while vascular treatment, increase epidermal thickness and density so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, at the same time, the skin's elasticity and resistance are also significantly enhanced.
  4. The Laser system based on the thermal action of the laser. The transcutaneous irradiation (with a penetration of 1 to 2 mm in the tissue) causes tissue selective absorption by hemoglobin (hemoglobin is the main target of the laser).
  5. EVLT (Endovenous Veins Laser Treatment)
  6. Vascular lesion therapy
  7. Spider Veins/face veins
  8. The superficial vessels, from 0.2 to 2 mm of diameter.
  9. Spider veins, Telangiectasias, Rosacea

Product Effects:

  1. Remove the vascular all the body
  2. Remove the skin protrusions, milia, warts, fat granule
  3. Remove speckle, age spots
  4. Sunburn, pigmentation
  5. Blood vessel treatment, veins removal
  6. Cherry angioma treatment on face legs and the whole body

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