Microdermabrasion Mesotherpay Multifunction Machine

Sale price$990.00 USD


Main function

  1. Skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and face lifting.
  2. Wrinkle removal, dark circle removal,anti-puffiness.
  3. Improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage.
  4. Cool frozen effect on skin, lock moisture and nutrients ,shrink pore
  5. Improve skin care products absorption.
  6. Promote skin metabolism, and maintain skin elasticity and whitening.

Main features

  1. The entire process is completed without the need of surgery and anesthesia.
  2. Does not cause the phenomenon of uneven skin.
  3. Does not cause the phenomenon of bleeding, swelling and blood stasis.
  4. The results are rather obvious.
  5. Non-invasive treatment does not affect the normal work and life.

Function of each handle

  • Facial RF handle for promote collagen production .Skin lift. Lymphatic drainage.
  • Facial Galvanic handle for wrinkle removal,stimulate circulation.skin lifting.
  • Eyes Galvanic handle for improving black circle,improve eye bags, wrinkle removal.
  • Ice cooling head for shrink pore, lock skin water and Nutrition
  • Liquid Osmosis probe can improve the absorbtion of the skin care product..

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