Mesotherapy injection

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Mesotherapy injection gun

Principal function:

1) Reduce double chin, nasolabial fat, nasolabial fold, to tighten the face

contour and end face of the bag, easily create the most photogenic face in 7 minutes.

2) Scattered forehead wrinkles, pattern, nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles in 20 minutes,

3) LIMINE and enhance eye pattern, crow's feet, dark circles, belly eyes. Just give her lovely eyes;

4) Improve and prevent skin aging, narrow and thick pores, skin whitening, anti-allergy repair, make skin elastic.

5) Suggested Nose Repair: The tip of the nose is the symbol of femininity.

6) Reduce scapular hypertrophy; reshape the upper arm, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, thigh,

improve hyperhidrosis, cellulite. Give you a slender and charming face in just 7 days.


1. The whole process is completed without the need for surgery or anesthesia.

2. It does not cause the phenomenon of uneven skin.

3. Does not cause the phenomenon of bleeding, swelling and blood stasis.

4. Non-invasive treatment does not affect normal work and life.

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