Luxury LED Face Mask

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Warranty 1 year
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630nm Red Light

  • Increase cell viability, Speed up the metabolism, Promotes collagen formation, With whitening spots Rejuvenation
  • Enhance skin elasticity, Improve skin condition, Repair damaged skin, Shrink pores, Firming skin.

520nm Green Light

Reduce skin oil secretion, Balance water, and oil ratio, Effectively relieves stress, Dredge lymph and drainage

470nm Blue Light

It has the effect of bactericidal anti-inflammatory and inhibiting inflammation.Repair skin, acne treatment,No scars

590nm Yellow Light

  • Improve cellular oxygen exchange,Replenish energy to skin cells,Decomposition pigment
  • Promote lymphatic drainage,Improve skin roughness, wrinkles,Treats skin redness and fever, Enhance immunity

690nm Purple Light

Combines two phototherapies, Treatment of acne and acne marks have a good effect.

490nm Green and Blue Light

Step-by-step enhancement of cellular energy, Good promotion of metabolism

510nm White Light

  • Accelerate the metabolism of active tissues,Decomposition stain,Improves fine lines and sagging skin
  • Mixed-light
  • Whitening skin,Shrink pores,Proliferating collagen,Increase skin elasticity,
  • Anti-aging and firming skin,Suitable for all skin types.

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