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Facial Led Lamp

With hot and cold steam

  • Facial cleaning
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Oxygenates the skin
  • Moisturizes giving life and shine
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Cellular regenerator
  • Ideal for acne treatment

7 Led Colors, what is each color for?


Red light: Stimulates the production of collagen and is indicated if we want to fight wrinkles and expression lines typical of skin aging. The collagen repairs the damaged tissue and to replace the old tissues.

Blue light: It has a wavelength indicated to fight the bacteria that produce acne.

Green light: It is used for cases of hyper-pigmentation and other irregular skin spots.

Yellow light: Adds energy to the skin cells by promoting gland function and stimulating immunities.

Pink and purple lights: Combines blue and red lights at different levels.

White light: Penetrates the skin deeply and accelerates skin tissue metabolism.

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