IPL-Max Home Use

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Laser Type Powerful ipl hair removal
Machine Screen 8 inches
Laser Output 2000W
Power Energy 10-50J/cm2
Spot Size 12 * 30mm o 15 * 50mm
Cooling System Viento y refrigeración por aire
Pulse Width 1-10ms
Frequency 1-1 0 Hz
Voltage 110V-240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power 2500W
Counter handle Yes

OPT(Optimal Pulsed technology) IPL technology treatment theory is that : intense pulsed light produces light and heat effect and photochemical effects on the skin, the deep collagen and elastic fiber skin rearranges and restores the skin elasticity, while enhances the vascular tissue functions, eliminates facial skin wrinkles and reduces pore shrink; additional, intense pulsed light can also penetrate the skin, is preferentially absorbed by the pigment group and vascular tissue selectivity;without destroying the normal skin, blood coagulation, pigment group and pigment cells are destroyed,decomposition, so as to achieve therapeutic effect of pigmentation.

  1. IPL+OPT
  2. One operation screens mean that you can do the treatment of hair removal and skin rejuvenation at the same time for two persons, more efficient.
  3. Multifunction OPT laser machine, using the latest optical technology, combined with the OPT beauty systems

Treatment Applications

  1. OPT/E-light permanent hair removal,pigmentations treatment(Spots removal,smallpox removal,freckle removal),Skin rejuvenation(tighten skin,fine wrinkles removal,whiten skin),Acne Treatment,Vascular Therapy
  2. Unipolar RF wrinkles removal, tighten skin, lift skin, rebuild face outlines and body contours, contract large pores
  3. Nd: YAG laser all colors of tattoo removal, spots removal (a freckle, coffee spots, age spots, nevus of Ota), embroidery lipline, eyeliner, eyebrow pigments removal.

Our Beauty Salon Equipment Advantage

  1. Multi-purpose,functional complementary,widely application,marvelous treatment effect
  2. The 8.0-inch big Color Touch LCD screen, humanized menu, easy operation
    The shell is made of the ABS environmental material and beautiful design..
  3. The cooling temperature -3~2 °C, treatment more comfortable and safe
  4. Water level, water flow, and water automatic detection greatly increasing machine’s life; expectancy and safety;
  5. Long continuous work time, stable function, a short period of treatment
  6. 6 Multilingual languages, anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.
  7. With two operation mode, an easy mode for the new user, professional model.

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