IPL Max 3 in 1

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Multifunctional equipment that includes technology for various treatments such as:

Skin rejuvenation,
Tattoo Removal
Wart and Mole Removal
Acne Treatment
Vascular Therapy
Permanent hair removal
1. SHR + OPT + NDYAG laser + RF in one

2. Two operation screens, mean that you can do tattoo removal and hair removal treatment at the same time for two people, more efficiently.

3. OPT multifunction laser machine, using the latest optical technology, combined with OPT beauty systems, RF beauty systems and ND Yag laser therapy system.


24x7 Service and Technical Support
10J / cm2 - 120J / cm2
Information to Consider:

The painless scanning SHR laser is based on the same principle of photothermolysis to remove unwanted hair. Only that this technology uses lamps filled with a gas known as xenon to emit light. This gas is excited by the input of direct current, making it an excellent conductor capable of emitting high intensity light. As we all know, it is also used in the automotive or aeronautical sector, etc., for the manufacture of xenon lights or headlights. In the aesthetics sector, this technology is used in the manufacture of hair removal devices that are also known by the name of IPL xenon laser, Elight, OPT, etc.

1. It is recommended for any type of skin obtaining good results in any type of hair.

2. Its wavelength is variable from 530 to 700 Nm and can be adapted to any type of treatment with great effectiveness in all of them. SHR lasers use filters that can range from 530NM to 690NM and also make another UV filtering in their fluid tube that absorbs the ultraviolet rays of the light and diffuses the light to make it even safer for the skin.

3. Treatment without pain. Its objective is to heat the hair and the dermis progressively until the destruction of the hair follicle.

4. The replacement of consumable "lamps" can be extended between 600,000 and 1,000,000 shots. But due to the large size of its spot, the number of shots per zone to reach the target can be 10 times less than those necessary with a diode laser.

5. Use the very fast SHR shooting method also known as scanning up to 10 shots per second. But you can also use shots with longer pulses and different work schedules for all skin and hair types.

6. They tend to have few breakdowns and are not so expensive.

What is E-Light?
The E-light is a dermatological system based on a combination of two different types of energy: light energy and radio frequency (RF) energy. Both energies complement each other to provide selective thermolysis to biological targets. While optical energy is absorbed by dark targets, RF energy mainly affects that part of the tissue that has the highest electrical conductivity.

Using both forms of power provides greater safety by using less optical power overall. The system provides "online" energy monitoring that goes to the tissue, reducing the possibility of heating the skin and with it, the possibility of burns.

How does E-Light work?
The E-Light technology combines deep treatment of the dermis, which performs radiofrequency, favoring
and facilitating the penetration of the intense pulsed light emitted. In this way, it is possible to increase the destruction of the "target" pigments (melanin, hemoglobin, protoporphyrins) without causing trauma to the dermis. That is, it achieves better treatment efficacy without putting the surrounding tissues at risk.
As E-light acts by absorption by color ... darker the hair, greater treatment efficiency.

Is E-light the same as Laser?
No. Although both technologies work by emitting light (photons), they do it differently. E-Light allows you to control the light emission, filter the colors of the light spectrum and modify the arrival power. It is more versatile but requires more knowledge and experience, since it is a dependent operator.
Laser technology continuously emits photons with greater penetration and can produce greater heat in tissues.
Both technologies used by trained medical professionals are effective.

Is hair removal with E-Light temporary or permanent?
E-Light penetrates the hair follicle and destroys it. With which the hair does not grow back.
Not all hair follicles are in the same growth stage, even some have not yet developed hair. These follicles or future follicles that were not exposed to E-Light are not destroyed. Hence, the need to repeat the treatment approximates.

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