Infrared PressoMax therapy EMS slimming machine 3 in 1

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The machine can improve the circulation of lymph, drain the waste out of body, it is different from slice vibration, it adopts air pressure to move the fat. At the same time, the beautician adopt some kinds of basic skills to help to speed up lymph circulation and excrete the waste out of body, such as circulation, massage, revolution, traction and so on.

Air wave is through soft natural air for massage, it won’t hurt people and make bad feeling.

The pressure on one side of the air chamber is 200000 Pa. and when it.

It is used to work on the abdomen for 30 minutes, the energy consumed equals doing sit-ups for 150 times. The machine named “Sweeper”, it can speed up the inner circulation by the air chambers which are around the belly, thigh and shank, to drain the toxin out of body and adjust inception Factory Location.

Advantage of the machine:

  1. Good quality: the machine with plastic case, it is the best quality of all the machines. The clothes made of PU material. It is easy for cleaning. The blanket with double layer PU material. The connector is plastic material, easy and convenient to connect.
  2. Good function: the air pressure function and infrared heating function can work separately on each part. 20 groups of air chambers, 8 air outlets, and 7 groups of infrared heating.
  3. Groups of infrared outlet. 3. Easy operation: the client can adjust the intensity of air pressure and infrared heating and choose which part to work.
  4. Good feeling: there's no pain during the treatment, it feels relaxed all over the body, it is similar to massage manually. Temperature is between 35 and 80 degrees.
  5. Good result: the clothes can be used every day. People can lose 15KG to 30KG during 2 months. 1. Portable package:. 55*45*28CM (machine), 62*43*25CM (suit and blanket together).
  6. Safe clothes: the voltage of our clothes is 36V.

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