DDS Hot Wave Massage Slimming

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  • Desalination and firming wrinkles shaping DDS heat wave beauty salon equipment.
  • Improve relaxation, slimming, promote detoxification, heat care, acid and drainage, facelift, mode
    adjustment, and wrinkle improvement.
  • Thin face and thin legs, relieve fatigue;
  • Light lines tighten and promote breathing;
  • Breast care, beauty, and health;
  • Smoothing and smoothing, improving soreness.
  • Detoxification and slimming, reduce the belly;
  • Promote blood circulation, thin arms, and thin thighs.

DDS Nanomagnetic physiotherapy brush using magnetic energy to heat, clear the body meridians, promote lymphatic drainage, promote blood circulation, blood run. The use of far-infrared energy to stimulate the body's cells to stimulate the qi, clear the meridians, to achieve "the general rule is not painful", vigor and blood, eliminate toxins, regulate yin and yang, quickly clear the body of the lymphatic and meridians. Physiotherapy brush can act on all parts of the body, and can achieve the good detoxification soothing effect, can effectively improve a variety of pain disorders: back pain, frozen shoulder, waist and leg weakness.


  1. Powerful Lipolysis, Remove Fat
  2. Dissolve Fat, Lymphatic Drainage, Firm Skin, Enhance Skin Elasticity
  3. Improve the orange peel tissue, Slimming shape
  4. The introduction of magnetic therapy health technology
  5. Anti-aging row acid balance

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