Damaskin Spa Plus 2023: Ultrasound, RF and Water Oxygen Face Skin Care Machine

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Product description

Damaskin Spa Plus——The most comprehensive introduction in history.

  1. Bubble head: vacuum negative pressure, with negative pressure to take away the dirt from the face, clean the face.
  2. Shovel skin knife: clean, exfoliate, moisturize the skin.
  3. Spray gun: high-pressure oxygen injection to replenish water, deep muscles into the skin layer, easier to absorb through the fine pores.
  4. Wave head (face + eyes): Import the product to make the product more absorbed, fine pores, and smooth skin.
  5. Eye head: improve the fine lines of the eyes, tighten and lift.
  6. Hot and cold head: shrink pores, block nutrition, calm and repair.
  7. Girl's line: Gua Sha, detoxification, lifting and firming contours, introduction of essence, shaping and diminishing fine lines
  8. Radio frequency head: enhance firmness and promote the re-growth of collagen.

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