CryoMax 7 in 1

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The 360 ​​° cryogenic slimming machine advantage:

Two handles, can you work in the same time reduce customer waiting time and treat more customers?

7 different sizes of to cover treatment areas for the whole body

Unique designed 360 ° freeze handle for small areas slimming especially double chin.

The refrigeration temperature can reach -10 ~ 10 degrees. Most effective for stubborn fat

Germany proportional valve

Semiconductor cooling pads, cooling system

The handle cups make of medical silicone material, it is very soft to protect skin and make clients feel comfortable during treatment.

More advanced than liposuction the most popular way to lose weight in Europe better than RF and ultrasound fat dissolving technology

With just one treatment I had a 26% reduction in the fat layer!

Equipped with 7 handles:

. 2 cryoprecipitated handles: Big handles with 4 contours + small ace with 3 contours

. 360 ° double chin handles * 1

. 40K cavitation * 1

RF face * 1

. Sixpolar RF body * 1

. Laser Lipo pads * 8

So you can do the whole body and face and high performance cost treatment!

Cryogenic Advantages:

360 ° cryo handles 3D fat freezing effect has an obvious and fast slimming result

Large fat freezing handle and medium fat freezing handle or double chin handle can work in the same time

Handle with different interchangeable deep contour for different areas of the body that you don't need to buy extra handles?

Skin contact: medical use pieces of mild silica gel to make clients feel comfortable during treatment

Touchscreen on the handle makes it easy to adjust settings during treatment

Cryo Handle size:

* Creative applicator cooling concept making it possible to exchange different types of contour cooling easily without buying more applicators!

7 different cups are applied for different thickness of fat different treatment areas The hips, flanks, waist of the thighs and back Even effective in hard to reach areas such as bra bulges and the upper arms. You can choose the suitable cups according to your needs.
Cryogenic technology:

Cryo Angle is the latest technology fat freezing that uses a special 360 applicator to target stubborn fat that is resistant to changes in diet and exercise and freezing destroying ... and permanently removes the fat cells underneath. the skin without damaging the surrounding layers.

1 RF face * 1 + RF body * 1:

RF face frequency3MHZ

Body frequency RF5MHZ

Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Lifting Face! Body massage, lymphatic drainage.

2 40K cavitation * 1:

Diameter 9 cm perfect head treatment for cellulite removal body

3 Lipo laser pads * 8:

Lipo laser wavelength: 650nm, professional for fat cells removal treatment.

The total number of diode lights: 8 * 9 = 72 diodes

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