MAX-Breast Enlarge + EMS 2 in 1 Machine

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Breast Development

  1. Choose breast cup according to customers needs, connect the cup and aspirator socket.
  2. Let customers half-sleep to stretch out breast, cover breast with plastic cloth, don’t apply on people with sunken breast.
  3. Turn the air pressure knob to the highest point in the cup, turn the strength knob to the lowest point, then press to choose inspiration and turn the rhythm knob to breast lifting (or press body rhythm 1, body rhythm 2 and breast lifting alternately).
  4. Put the cup on breast, and leave breast and the cup closely touched. For people with different breast sizes, it is suggested to apply the instrument on smaller side for 5 times before applying on two sides together.
  5. Adjust strength knob from weak to strong, and then adjust air pressure until customers feel comfortable.
  6. After 20 minutes, turn the air pressure knob to the highest point, turn the strength knob to the lowest point to take off the cup, the apply on breast lifting cream.

Functions for the muscle stimulator slimming machine

  1. Losing weight, slimming the body.
  2. Enhancing breasts without enlarge breasts and physical therapy.
  3. Computerized body and breast faradic stimulation.
  4. Treat cellulite on thighs, ankles, knees, stomach, buttocks, hips, hump of bison and arms: stimulate and make muscle do contracting exercise.
  5. Tone up the muscles and micro muscles which support the derma.
  6. Firm slack muscles and muscle mass.

Features for the muscle Stimulator slimming machine

  1. With 10 groups of electro pads and 1 pair of electro Bra pads .
  2. 8 varieties of independent waveforms of low frequency to enable muscles do different forms of exercise.
  3. Due to excellent circuit board, all electrode pads can keep working together with different energy for a long time without any pad out of control.
  4. Back care and strengthen the shoulder muscles for good body line.
  5. Promote blood circulation,and enhance metabolisms,computerized body faradic for slimming with bio-current stimulation.

Cautions for the muscle stimulator slimming machine

  1. Don't place pads on injured skin or infected muscles.
  2. Don't place pads on the recent surgery scars(within 10 months).
  3. Don't place pads on stomache after food within 1 hour.
  4. Don't use this device on heart problem patients.
  5. Don't use this device on serious sick people of stomache,liver,entrails and vesical calculus problems.
  6. Don't use this device on epilepsy people or alcoholism people.
  7. Don't use this device on pregnant woman.

Electrode patches for body parts:

  • Specification
  • 10 outputs, 10 for slimming
  • Special LCD display with 8 different level slightly adjust intensive output. Stronger or weaker by customer choice.
  • 5 different wave has preset at AUTO mode, It will be running the 5 programautomatically.
  • Single action program can be settle.
  • Voltage: 240V/50Hz
  • 220V/50Hz
  • 120V/60Hz
  • Power: 10-200 MW
  • Watts: 25W
  • Time: 0-30 min

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