Cavitation RF Slimming M-20 Machine

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Lipo Laser machine active the lymphatic system, to help remove the remaining waste and toxins in the body tissues and muscles. It the same way to stimulate the endocrine system, to improve the situation of the muscles in order to effectively influence the tightness of the face and body skin. The laser line can promote the body tissue between the growth of collagen (Collagen), improve skin elasticity.


  1. Fat burning, weight loss, body shaping
  2. Effectively promote tissue metabolism and blood circulation, better whitening skin
  3. Improve orange peel tissue
  4. Strengthen the skin elasticity
  5. Repair stripes stretch marks
  6. Face and body anti-aging eliminate slow acne scars.
  7. Increase the rate of metabolism, speed up body exudates and excessive moisture.
  8. Relax muscle, relieve muscle spasms, relieve muscle pain.


  1. Using the world's leading technology for ultrasonic lipolysis
  2. Color touch screen with clear processing parameters, easy to operate
  3. Digital frequency control system, energy output uniform, accurate and stable, to ensure that parameters can not drift Applicable to all kinds of skin
  4. Every treatment 5 --- 20 minutes, no effect on your work or life
  5. No pain, no incision, no scars, no side effects.
    5. No rebound, lasting effect!


Decode Control Operaiton

Treat time adjustable;
X4,X2 laser intensity:1Hz~1000Hz adjustable;
(X4 for thigh,X2 for arms).

Cavitation :50W/CM2 (MAX);
for abdomen,thigh,hip.

Vacuum fat remove treatment:
vacuum pressure intensity:10KPa~100KPa;
work mode can be adjustable;

Multi-polar RF treatment :
the six-polar RF head for body (5MHz)
intensity:1-5 level. the intensity is 5J ~ 15J;

Power:500VA (max)
Output frequency:1-1000Hz,40KHz,5M
Energy output:18*40mW(total 0.72W)
Packing size:58*60*126cm

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