Cateter Manguera Pistola de Mesoterapia

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Disposable Catheter for Mesotherapy Gun

  • Press the install button, it is the exchange of install progress and install again, at the same time transmit order to the Meso gun, press the operate button, the injection propeller will install progress or install again according to the lcd screen.
  • Put injector into injector set-clip, according to the length of the injector piston, adjust the injection propeller, forward or backward, then press the gun button to operate, set injector depth injection adjustment knob, to + means increasing the depth to be injected, - means decreasing the depth to be injected.
  • Press the injection-pin set-clip, put the Meso-pin into the slot, adapt well to the position of Meso Pin, loosen the injection-pin set-clip, move out of the pin-cap to operate

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