Body Power Slimmer 3D MAX Machine 2023

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Body shaping instrument

The combination of weight loss and health preservation, can lose weight and shape, clear the meridian, scrape, DDS bioelectrical therapy, promote metabolism, can change the energy intensity according to the thickness of the fat, treat various parts, it can according to the patient skin to adjust different RF intensity. Client can get a no-wrinkle face, slender arm, thin back, slender waist, warped buttock, slim leg at one time.

Functional principle

1. Powerful Lipolysis, Remove Fat

The use of strong acoustic waves gathered strong acoustic head firing frequency of 40000HZ sound waves into the human body can make the body fat cells have a strong impact and the friction between fat cells movement can effectively consume calories and consume cells of water , So that fat cells shrink, the other when the sound waves can make the cell strong crack impact, the cells burst, fat cells decreased, so as to achieve the effect of removing fat.

2. Dissolve Fat, Lymphatic Drainage, Firm Skin, Enhance Skin Elasticity

With the most advanced RF technology and energy RF in one, you can deeply direct fat body, with targeted RF output excellence, so that fat cells in a rapidly active state, the body heat of friction heat, the local temperature Increase, through the sweat glands, intrahepatic circulation and lymphatic excess body fat and toxins excreted, to achieve the effect of dissolving fat.

3. Improve the orange peel tissue, Slimming shape

The biological wave generated by the electrode of the instrument stimulates the corresponding acupoints of the body and utilizes different frequencies and pulses to effectively stimulate the body of fat under the interaction of various physical electrons to exercise the body again and thus consume the heat again Fat, in order to achieve the efficacy of plastic body.

4. The introduction of magnetic therapy health technology

Magnetic activation of cells with energy, promote blood circulation; remove free radicals in blood vessels, blood viscosity, lowering blood pressure; sedation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, swelling; improve immunity; anti-aging effect.

5. Anti-aging row acid balance

According to the acid-base balance, acid-base neutralization theory, a large amount of acidic substances are gathered in the diseased parts of the human body, and the acidic substances are what we call the wastes that are not metabolized by the human body.

The 3D stereo carving instrument integrates light, electricity and magnetism, Infrared functions in one, for the modern sub-health conditions, to soothing, physiotherapy, beauty and other functions; through vacuum suction, far infrared, magnetic therapy and optoelectronics, smooth lymphatic channels to speed up the body's metabolism, blood circulation, speed up Toxin metabolism and nutrient absorption, relieve pain, health care, which played the role of row acid acid correction.

Scope of application

High-intensity focused acoustic head

By blasting fat through the skin and eliminating fat, you can do whole body weight loss, thin thighs, thin arms, thin waist and so on.

DDS Magnetic energy therapy brush DDS

Nano magnetic physiotherapy brush using magnetic energy to heat, clear the body meridians, promote lymphatic drainage, promote blood circulation, blood run.

RF negative pressure row acid head

A large negative pressure head (the strongest suction), with radio frequency function, can be used for cupping, firming the body skin, dredging the meridians, etc. Medium negative pressure head: moderate suction, with radio frequency function, can be used for scraping and cupping, firming and shaping, and acting on the limbs. Small negative pressure head: Slightly less suction, with radio frequency function, it can be used on the face and neck to tighten and lift, lift and remove wrinkles, and reduce fine lines.

Magnetic vibration head

Heating constant temperature, high-frequency vibration. It can be done to disperse fat and relieve stress, dredging and so on.

Laser fat reduction board

Through disintegrate fat, promote blood circulation to accelerate metabolism, achieve thin body effect thereby

Instrument list

  1. Focusing ultrasonic head
  2. DDS magnetic energy therapy head
  3. Magnetic therapy vibrating head
  4. Instrument switch
  5. Hanging frame
  6. Display
  7. Laser fat reduction board
  8. Hanging rack
  9. Large RF Vacuum head
  10. Medium RF Vacuum head
  11. Small RF Vacuum head
  12. hanging rack
  13. RF Vacuum tube


  • A host
  • Two High-intensity focused acoustic head
  • One magnetic vibrating head
  • One DDS magnetic energy therapy head
  • Three RF Vacuum heads (large, medium, and small) RF Vacuum tube
  • Eight laser fat reduction boards
  • Three handle hangers
  • One power cord
  • Two straps

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