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1 Concentrated sound that activates the aging or degeneration of cellular tissues
2.8 sound waves per second transport fluctuations in the deepest
3 Natural sound fluctuations with the heart and brain
4 promote serotonin secretion and stress-discharge substances
5 inducing alpha brain waves, effectively relieve stress, somatosensory stimulation

Accelerate the recovery of consciousness by reflex neural induction
1 plasticity stimulation of the brain and nerves
2 stimulate subcutaneous fat and visceral fat
3 relieve fascia pain
4 skeletal muscle disorders
5 slow muscle atrophy
6 They stimulate the ligaments and tendons.
7 promotes lymphatic circulation
8 stimulate the meridians
9 stimulate the hands and feet
Subtle sound waves 120 points per minute
Facial abdomen, acupuncture points, joints, fascial ligaments, massage
From sound waves 240 points per minute
Facial abdomen acupuncture scalp joints fascial ligaments massage
Powerful 480 sound waves per minute
Scalp joints ligaments facial massage
Vibrating music sound waves according to the rhythm of synchronized music sonic massage


  • 4 modes of massage
  • 5pcs for sound wave vibration massage
  • 3-piece thermo-heated ceramic vacuum grips.
  • Reduces measurementsRemoves cellulite and orange peel
  • Megapercussion with intelligent sound, relaxes and also breaks fat due to acoustic vibrations
  • Thermo-ingrared up to 45 ° temperature that helps to tone and tone the skin
  • Vacuum - Carbonized that helps eliminate toxic gases from the skin

Machine features:

- Touch screen

- Time setting and massage mode

- 5 Tips, easy to change for different treatments

- M4 Musical vibration massages

- Temperature adjustment from 35 ° to 45 °

- 5 modes with different suction times

- Ceramic vacuum thermotherapy handle to detoxify the entire body.

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