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  • 4 modes of massage
  • 5pcs for sound wave vibration massage
  • 3-piece thermo-heated ceramic vacuum grips.
  • Reduces measurementsRemoves cellulite and orange peel
  • Megapercussion with intelligent sound, relaxes and also breaks fat due to acoustic vibrations
  • Thermo-ingrared up to 45 ° temperature that helps to tone and tone the skin
  • Vacuum - Carbonized that helps eliminate toxic gases from the skin

Machine features:

- Touch screen

- Time setting and massage mode

- 5 Tips, easy to change for different treatments

- M4 Musical vibration massages

- Temperature adjustment from 35 ° to 45 °

- 5 modes with different suction times

- Ceramic vacuum thermotherapy handle to detoxify the entire body.

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