5in1 RF EMS Skin Tighten

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Brief description:

Skin appears wrinkles and flabby phenomenon following the run off of collagen which caused by sunshine, inheritance, natural aging ,etc . The skin care product only effect on the surface of the skin but does not have truly effect on the collagen of deeper skin, thus, it does not have visible effect of improving slag skin.

EMS 5 in 1 anti-aging beauty device operates with unique deeper stimulating effect which can stimulate regeneration of collagen, tightening skin and have remarking effect of improving skin and skin color. It is preferred to operate with serum, essential oil or cell .


*Working Principle:

EMS Electroporation

Activate collagen recombination and growth, through the specific EMS electric current can stimulate muscle movement, so that to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and will not cause any damage to skin.

Positive & Negative Pulse

By specific output pulse current, the positive and negative pulse electrodes alternate to stimulating the skin, makes the skin internal organization of contration and relaxation movement.

High Frequency (RF)

The characteristics of high frequency is flowing in the shortest distance between the electrode, according to the specialty of high frequency and resistance of biological tissue, it will produce energy in the easy flowing parts, it means will produce heat.

LED Light

It is using the imported light source with high purity and high brightness, will not cause any damage to skin; red, blue and yellow these three color lights, will bring skin brightness.

Warm Therapy

The result of EMS electric current and high frequency will get feeling of warm and firming, it will promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

*Operating Steps:

  • Skin cleaning;
  • Wear essence on face;
  • Switch on the device, and adjust the intensity well, select the LED light treatment;
  • Move in circle way or move forth and back on skin, don't let the device stay in the same place, the treatment head should be totally closed to
  • skin; when do treatment around eyes area, please close your eyes or wear the googles, if the essence is dry should be added appropriately;
  • The whole face total treatment time is about 10 minutes, for skin lifting, please move up forwarder on face with essence;
  • If using essence for treatment, do not need to wash your face, but for gel, essence oil, cream, etc. Please clean your face after treatment;
  • Apply a mask after treatment;
  • After treatment, clean the device by tissue or cloth and store it well.

Main effects

1. Tightening and anti-wrinkles

Under stimulation of radio frequency wave, dermis will secrete large amount of collagen as well as improving generation of collagen, repairing damaged and cracked collagen elastic fiber, rapidly tightening skin and fade wrinkles.

2. Smooth pouch

Radio frequency wave can accurately reach the pouch to improve cellular metabolism, blood circulation and lymphopoiesis, discharge excessive water, toxin and metabolite as well as enhance elasticity and tightness of skin around eyes, so as to achieve the effect of smoothing pouch and eliminating edema.

3. Whitening skin

Radio frequency wave can activate underactive cell, accelerate cell regeneration and metabolism, improve elimination of excessive pigment and metabolic waste, improve absorption of nutrition, rapidly brighten skin , shrink pore and whitening skin.

4. Tightening and lifting

Radio frequency wave can activate cell viability rapidly and enhance cell energy, enlarge quantity of active cells and make the cell more intensive. Under the stimulation of biological waves, collagen of the dermis will shrink immediately so as to achieve the effect of tightening.

5. Whitening and brightening

By giving slight current and tepidity effect to skin through radio frequency wave to improve secretion of the collagen of newly born cell, comprehensively smooth metabolism circulation , prevent melanin formation, improve spot, dark, dull and uneven skin to achieve the purpose of deeper whitening.

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