3 Wavelength DiodeMax + Picosecond Laser Machine

Sale price$24,900.00 USD


DiodeMax laser hair removal machine, a kind of disease treatment device, through continuous high energy laser to achieve the transformation of power, light, thermal. It is also a laser treatment machine together with the laser, electronic, computer science and medicine techniques.

The working principle for the machine:

  • The microprocessor control the laser power, which can provide constant current for the laser module.
  • The inner high energy diode, from the laser module, transform the electronic to light energy, which output the constant laser with wavelength 808nm.
  • The laser light on the skin by leaded crystal, penetrate into the deep tissue of the skin.
  • The light energy is absorbed and then turned into the thermal energy, which can destroy the hair follicle tissue, make it gone and never grow again.
  • The parameter of the laser density should be designed by the actual condition.

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