3 IN 1 EMS infrared pressotherapy detox machine

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3 IN 1 EMS infrared pressotherapy detox machine

Pressotherapy is a lymphatic drainage treatment which is a necessary procedure after ANY form of body contouring procedures. Pressotherapy reduces water retention and helps the body remove toxins and waste products out of the peripheral tissues (including the cellulite tissues) by boosting both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in a very time and efficient way.

The body then naturally expels toxins, excess water and waste products. And equally importantly, pressotherapy helps transport fat molecules from the cellulite tissues into the general circulation for oxidation (“burning”) in the muscles and other organs.

For these reasons, pressotherapy is an ideal treatment for cellulite prevention and reduction, either on its own or in combination with other treatments – depending on the type and severity of cellulite.

Furthermore, pressotherapy is perfect after vigorous exercise as it maximises and focuses the effects of exercise on the cellulite tissues.

Similarly, pressotherapy is significantly more effective in comparison to compression garments, such as the so-called anti-cellulite pants tights, corsets and flight socks. This is because compression garments offer mild static compression, while pressotherapy offers a strong dynamic compression wave, in addition to strong static compression. Pressotherapy is a very versatile and cost-effective technique.

Información de la Máquina
Working Principle Air pressure lymph drainage machine It’s the latest top version between the similar instrument, it can complete body detox massage and foot, shank, thigh, abdomen or hands alone detox massage .Also can be done the entire exercise from open the lymph to lymphatic detoxification, and plus the anthropomorphic design(This is the most important feature of this machine leading in the similar instrument). Supporting 36Volts safety voltage output far infrared to heating, let customers to get a safe, effective and enjoyment, is become an essential equipment for SPA, also become the essential equipment for health, breast enhancement and weight loss program.
The infrared functions is working with pressotherapy at the same time ,it's use the infrared rays heat energy to stimulate it wave circulating around the calf, thigh, and belly in physical method, imrove the function of detoxin and drain out the cellulite from up to down.
Electro stimulation therapy The electrodes placed on your body, will transit computer,controlled waveforms, stimulating your selected muscle groups. This creates a huge energy demand on your muscles so surrounding fat will be burned for energy. It also agitates the fat cells for toxin release and cellulite reduction.

Sales Points:

Type S60 Sunukar Machine on the Market
Display 8'LCD Human-design Touch Screen Button adjust display
Output Voltage 36V: health & safety for body 220V
Top Technical 9 working program, program 2 and 4 is the
latest technology unique to our factory --18 air
chambers can working at the same time
Over 98% suppliers have not.
Valves 18Pcs: control pressure more accurate 9 valves
Result Open acupuncture point, whole body lymphatic drainage
to body slimming , finish a full treatment course
Have result, no obviusly.
Safety Customer handle emergency stop switch
Feedback Europe, American, South east Asia distributors and
agents enjoy fast selling on market.

infrared pressotheraphy detox machine

  1. Temperature control: arm,stomach,thigh, feet four parts work individual and control alone
  2. Temperature scope:35-60 degree
  3. Far infrared treatment
  4. Output control: have 9 output control 18 air chambers
  5. Each output work alone
  6. Valves: 18 pieces, control pressure more accurate
  7. Newest technical: working pattern(have 9 working patterns,including 2 patterns is the newest technical on market, unique to our factory.

infrared pressotheraphy detox machine 2

  1. Design: stomach & thigh together, Leg and feet part can adjust based on customer ’ s height
  2. Factory own engi n eer & designer team research & develop
  3. Material:Oxford
  4. Safety: Customer handle safety switch
  5. Output voltage: 36V

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