2 in 1 Galvanic Facial Machine

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By using the micro current below 1000um, Galvanic current simulates the bio-current therapy of human body to provide energy for the multi-functional activities of the cells. Galvanic static current draws support from the effect of direct current zwitterion to carry out skin care in two ways of nutrition importing and filth exporting, in which nutrition importing is to make the water soluble nutrients penetrate into the deep layer of skin more effectively, provide nutrition to the skin directly and resolve the pigment and the pigment of deposited areas effectively. Under the interwork with vibration functions of this apparatus, it gives the effects of deep-level fat smashing, skin tightening, eliminating of the excessive fat of the face while ionizing the whitening & anti-wrinkles essence applied on the skin to further permeate the active ingredients into the deep skin layer and achieve better absorptions. Impurity exporting is for the purpose of importing alkaline solution to soften the aged cutin, resolving the oil on skin surface and further balancing oil secretions of the skin while exporting the impurities in deeper skin.


  1. Transmit nutrients into deep stratum of skin, enabling skin to be smooth and lustrous.
  2. By use of movements of electrons in electric field, electron flow will be adsorbed onto nutrition particles and pull the particles along the direction of electric field to move toward deep stratum of skin when it moves to skin from roller.
  3. Adsorb the dirt in pores, enabling skin to have transparent luster.
  4. Electron flow will move to roller from deep stratum of skin, pulling out the tiny dirt particles and impurities from pores.


2.With roller and ball to meet different requirement.

Working principles

The working principles of Galvanic import & export operation are based on the theory of being repulsive for like charges and attractive for, unlike charges. The ions will make oriented movements with the cations flowing from anode to cathode while the anions flowing from cathode to anode. By means of the repulsive force of like ions, it can import the nutrient into a deep layer of skin and present a silky smooth feeling. Under its effect, the essence of the herbal solution will penetrate into the skin, enhance the absorption of the skin and fulfill the purpose of skincare and treatment.


  • For facial and body care
  • Technical parameters and packing
  • Product size: 15×3.8×1.2cm
  • Product weight: 118g
  • Materials: ABS, stainless steel
  • Packing way: Gift box, sponge tray, PP box (1pc/gift box, 20pcs/carton)

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