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    Facial machines for your spa

    What kinds of machines do you need to have at the Spa?

    High-quality and long-lasting facial equipment are the core elements of every spa salon.

    Where can you buy the best professional facial devices? Certainly at My Beauty Max.

    Because here, at My Beauty Max, we have a plethora of highest-quality products and esthetician equipment - from skincare to machines. Our professional team will help you choose the most suitable equipment to make your salon truly stand out from your competitors.

    If you are looking for pro facial equipment, you have come to the right place! But first, you must analyze the exact purpose of your spa and answer the following questions:

    • What facial treatments are you looking to provide?
    • How many clients are you planning to service per day?
    • What is the budget you’ve allocated for the purchase?

    Answering these questions will allow you to decide the esthetic machines that are best suited for both you and your clients’ needs. 

    Types Of Professional Facial Machines

    Different types of beauty salons require different types of equipment. If a spa salon is positioned as a premium-class spa, it should employ innovative techniques and offer only the best equipment. In other words, the higher the prestige, the more expensive, modern, and effective the cosmetology equipment should be. And the same goes for the professional skills of your estheticians. Modern spa equipment for estheticians isn’t always easy to manage, so a set of certain skills and experience is required. After all, the appearance and professionalism of your staff are vital indicators of the highest quality standards.

    Customer flow is also an important factor in selecting esthetician machines too because you must depend on the productive capacity of your cosmetic equipment. With 2-3 clients per day, you will want to purchase professional models that are less costly, have lower engine power, and are designed for smaller loads. With a large number of clients, however, you may want to choose from more durable, high-quality products. Brands like Zemits, OOMNEX, Adonyss, Lumenis, Geneo manufacture high-quality products designed suited for such higher customer inflow. It’s true that the cost of cosmetology equipment produced by famous brands is higher than the cost of products of less known manufacturers, but investing in high-quality and more expensive facial equipment pays off very very quickly.

    Your ideal professional facial machine is effective and efficient, so it’s vital to look at the units of the latest generation, technological innovations, and unique manufacturing methods to get the most out of your business.

    What is the price of an esthetician machine?

    Of course, the price of the equipment is important for the owner of the beauty spa. We wouldn’t advise you to search for affordable spa equipment when it comes to professional skincare equipment. Cheaper devices, in this case, will most likely mean lower quality. At My Beauty Max, there is a wide range of devices to choose from and purchase the optimal model with acceptable technical parameters that fit your budget. And if it so happens that the device of your dreams isn’t immediately affordable, our flexible discount system will help. Or check our sales segment! Maybe you will discover a real bargain: your dream esthetician tool and facial supplies at a reduced price.

    Facial Equipment Package

    Facial skincare equipment is the foundation of a spa salon; it determines the future success of your business

    There is a set of necessary devices for spa salons. A typical facial equipment list includes an ultrasonic scrubber, microcurrent machine, RF machine, and ultrasound facial machine. If your skin care salon has just opened, you may want to purchase a multifunctional machine with basic functions. This will allow you to expand your range of treatments and save a lot of space simultaneously.

    Multifunction facial machines

    They can be used for over ten different treatments.

    Microdermabrasion machines

    Perform mechanical peeling, and results are noticeable immediately after the first treatment. Microdermabrasion helps the skin regain its former elasticity and health.

    Needle-free mesotherapy machines

    Inject active substances into skin cells by electrical impulses. This non-invasive procedure is rapidly becoming more and more popular, so it's time to include it in the range of services your beauty salon offers.

    RF-lifting facial machines

    Rejuvenate clients’ skin non-surgically. Radio waves activate and stimulate fibroblasts, and after a couple of sessions, your clients will notice incredible results.

    Ultrasound facial machines

    Ultrasound therapy is a method of injecting cosmetic products into the superficial layer of the skin with an ultrasonic wave rather than an electrical impulse like needle-free mesotherapy does. It is a compact device that solves most basic skin problems. Ultrasonic scrubbers deeply cleanse and tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, and warm-up cells.

    Microcurrent therapy machines

    Can effectively stimulate the activity of skin cells, muscles, and lymphatic and blood vessels. It is the best kind of facial therapy machine with an ideal ratio of price and quality. 

    LED light therapy machines

    For instance, LED light therapy machines for skin tightening, cleansing, and moisturizing facial treatments. There are both stationary and portable models available that will definitely attract the attention of clients. One of the best-selling LED light therapy machines we recommend is the LED Light Mask. It’s efficient, portable, and serves to delight customers!

    Magnifying lamps

    Another important piece of equipment for estheticians is a magnifying lamp to examine a patient’s skin in detail. The lamp (as cool electric facial machine) illuminates the area while the magnifying glass helps you see the smallest details. The design of such lamps allows you to alter their magnification and turn and tilt the lamp. A magnifying lamp can be purchased separately or as an integral part of a multifunctional machine.

    Professional Skin Care Equipment

    Here’s a list of the most sought-after professional facial devices:

    • Needle-free mesotherapy machines
    • Hydrodermabrasion machines
    • Ultrasound facial machines
    • Hair removal lasers
    • Oxygen facial machines
    • Ultrasonic scrubbers


    What brand of equipment to choose from?

    The reputation of a brand and the time it has been a significant player on the market are crucial factors for your consideration, and this is especially true when it comes to professional beauty equipment. Therefore, before buying any skincare devices, take into account its brand, characteristics, and customer reviews.

    Benefits of choosing My Beauty Max:

    1. Top products. We subject each machine to detailed inspections and thorough testing before we ship them to customers.
    2. Best innovative products. We research hundreds of manufacturers to help you maximize your business' success.
    3. Competitive prices.
    4. We directly import the facial equipment.
    5. We have all kinds of facial machines at My Beauty Max: professional skincare machines and for home use, portable and stationary, mono- and multifunctional.

    Facial equipment should be stylish, compact, and fit easily into the interior of a beauty salon. Also, high-quality machines are made of durable materials so can be easily cleaned and sterilized. At My Beauty Max, you will find devices of all sizes, shapes, and colors (even pink and purple) to select ones that will fit your spa salon perfectly. You can also find a facial machine for home use, the portable facial machine on our website. 

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