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Russian waves is one of the aesthetic treatments used to tone and firm, also favoring the circulatory system facilitating good venous and lymphatic return, which, as a consequence, eliminates fluid retention in the treated area and increases circulation.

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This muscle electrostimulator exercises your muscles, helps you lose weight and firms your skin, brings you lovely body lines!

1. Lose weight, slim the body.
2. Breast enhancement without breast enlargement and physical therapy.
3. Computerized faradic body and breast stimulation.
4. Treat cellulite on thighs, ankles, knees, stomach, buttocks, hips, bison hump and arms:
Stimulate and make muscles do contraction exercise.
5. Tones the muscles and micro muscles that support the dermis.
6. Firms the muscles

1. With 10 groups of electrodes and 1 pair of clamp electrodes.
2. 8 varieties of independent low-frequency waveforms to allow the muscles to perform different forms of exercise.
3. Easy to use with a large LCD screen.
4. Due to the excellent circuit board, all the electrode pads can keep working together with different energy for a long time without any pad out of control.
5. Take care of your back and strengthen your shoulder muscles to achieve a good body line.
6. Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism, computerized body faradic to lose weight with biocurrent stimulation.

power: 30w

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