Cold and Hot Hammer

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10 in stock

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 Spa Hot and  Cold Beauty Hammer
LCD Hot&Cold Hammer Functions 1. skin pore to expand
2. add blood circulation
3. sundry goods to release
4. nutrition induction5. deep cleaning
Material Korea ABS+ stainless steel
Working Theory Use cold & hot microcurrent to activate cell, improve cell activeness, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, break up pigment, causes the toxin in the body to discharge, rapidly clean the dirt emulsification in the pore, make the nutrient refinement into the deep skin, eliminate the ance, remove black spot, though face lifting, make the skin line thining, the wrinkle be unable to form, causes skin to be smooth.
Effect Promote blood circulation, in-depth clean skin, increases the skin elasticity, dispel wrinkle, eliminates the dark sore, color spot, dispel dark circle & pouches, slim the face, lift the corner of the eye, sterilize  and anti-acne, raises the buttocks to tighten, beauty the leg and repairs the shape, promotes the cheeks.
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